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BF Separation Technologies has an expertise that comes from the valuable know-how gained in several years of presence on the market; this allows us to work constantly to exceed the expectations of the customer. This experience of ours generates flexibility and the ability to meet the specific needs of the customer, to always find a tailored and winning solution that characterizes our commitment and the value of our products. All of this is made possible by our state of the art machineries. We constantly deliver filters of the highest quality. Our production unit is equipped with machines built to produce cartridges of a wide range of dimensions in large quantities.

These sophisticated machineries and equipments available significantly reduce production times and offer highly competitive prices that allow us to produce:

  • Pleated cartridges in Aisi 304 and Aisi 316 both welded and stapled, free from any type of adhesives, with seals of various materials resistant to high temperatures and available in various degrees of filtration.
  • With the same procedure above-mentioned, cylindrical cartridges with low flow rate are also available.
  • Cartridges for fine and coarse powder, available in various types, separation from solids for clean air and laser-cutting filtration.
  • Cartridges for hydraulic oil in paper or fiber, with stainless mesh.
  • Filters and sample cartridges, even small quantities by design or on demand.
  • Cartridges of various types with stainless steel square mesh or sintered with phenol or epoxy resin paper, with various degrees of filtration, with normal polyester or antistatic or tefloned, with organic fibers in absolute filtration grades and filtering elements to remove water impurities.

BF means more than just a simple quality product

BF Separation Technologies is able to control the entire production chain, from the purchase of aluminum and other necessary materials, to the finished product. We carefully follow all the phases of the processing-production control, product packaging and shipping in order to guarantee our customers the highest of performances. This is BF Separation Technologies’ philosophy: high product quality tailored for the customer’s needs. Customer satisfaction is the foundation for our excellent reputation and the base for further growth and international prestige.


Specialized in the production of filter elements for the industrial sector

Who we are

BF SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L. is an Italian company, dynamic and determined, specialized in the production of filter elements for the industrial sector.

What we offer

BF SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L. is able to provide and offer the best products in the filtration market.

Wide range of filters

The cartridges are for fine and coarse powders, hydraulic oil in paper or fiber, in stainless steel mesh. Free from adhesives, controlled at every stage of the production starting from the choice of production materials.

Quality at the right price

Our company boasts of an experience that comes from the valuable know-how gained in these years of presence on the market which allows us to constantly work to exceed customer expectations.




Excellent product and timely deliveries. No problem with BF

Nora S.

Purchasing office
Delivery on schedule and high reliability of the filters. The best filters I have ever found

Roberto M.

Store Manager

Costs in line with the market and wide choice. Excellent delivery times.

Gianni L.

Customer care