Custom made filters


Custom made filters

In addition to our filter list we are always available to discuss with the client to realize custom filtrating solutions, tailored to fulfill the client’s needs. Thanks to our large experience in the field we can manufacture any filters you may require based on your technical drawings or previous samples you may have.

Our expertise spans from air to fluid filters and our wide range of materials enable our filters to operate at high and low temperatures, with variable filtration grades and with different chemicals, from fuel and oils to molten precious metals. We also present a great variety in filtrating materials in order to adapt to the fluid flows, air permeabilities and pressure drops that are requested.


BF means more than just a simple quality product

Our machines grant us a wide production flexibility so we can create filters of various dimensions from 100mm to 2m with both polymeric and metallic materials. For specific applications, our cartridges in AISI 304-316 steel can also be electropolished on demand. We are expanding our production line in order to create filters made entirely of Polypropylene that offer the same high quality of our BF filters at a lower price.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries you may have.